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About Us

Welcome to the Business Impact Lab, where our commitment to addressing global challenges, driving meaningful change, and shaping societal progress propels our mission. We are dedicated to providing a dynamic platform that empowers the next generation of social entrepreneurs, promising innovators, and budding startups to pave the way for their future enterprises and unlock their full potential.

Headquartered in Skopje, Macedonia, we are at the forefront of fortifying and redefining the landscape of social entrepreneurship in our nation and beyond. Our strategic initiatives aim to invigorate the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, channeling efforts towards impactful programs and projects that foster innovation, collaboration, and holistic development.

Business Impact Lab orchestrates a range of initiatives focused on nurturing social entrepreneurship and reinvigorating collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders. Our purpose is to catalyze a ripple effect of positive transformation, leveraging our networks and resources to inspire, educate, and co-create sustainable solutions.

We extend an earnest invitation to all visionaries and change-makers who share our aspiration for a better world. Join us within the Lab's dynamic confines, where innovation converges with compassion, and together, we forge pathways towards a brighter tomorrow.

Our CoFounders

Managing Director, Co-founder
A social innovator and entrepreneur, Kristijan supports individuals, organizations and companies incombining innovative tools to maximize their impact. He is a co-founder of Business Impact Lab and Programmanager of several programs. He is also the co-organizer of the Conference on Social Innovators.
With his previous experience as a Manager at HUB Skopje, he can easily discover the potential of businessand offer full support to emerging startups. He sees close collaboration with Impact Hub network as anopportunity for personal and professional development related to the implementation and creation ofprograms, on the one hand, and on the other hand, his Law school education helps him to easily complete allprocesses in this segment.
A community innovator, entrepreneur and a poet, Bistra spends her time witnessing and supporting courageous steps made by humans, combining innovative tools for business and impact. In 2008, she became one of the core drivers of a movement in Macedonia that resulted with today's most popular youth portal in CEE Region, Mladi Info. Her passion for entrepreneurship took her on a journey through Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa, and South-East Asia, supporting the creation of meaningful jobs. At the moment she lives in Vienna, Austria. She has been involved in the creation and scaling of more than 5 networks and entities across different industries in CEE and has organized, facilitated and shared her experience at more than 117 international events and conferences so far. Currently Bistra is based in Vienna.